Archive | August 2017

Hit A Nerve

I was lying down on my bed this morning, resting my back after doing all my household chores and doing my daily routine like reading the Bible,, learning three languages and enhancing English and Math proficiency when a sudden, subtle pang hit a nerve inside my heart. I felt that longing for something more and my eyes moistened with tears that surprises me.

You see, I’ve been praying for some things for a very long time now (at least, in my perspective ) and the Lord always says to wait, to be still and know that He is God and most of all, to trust Him. I convinced myself to be patient, to trust and eventually I am now in the state where in I am contented with where my life is right now. Don’t get me wrong, I never stop praying for what the Lord imprinted in my heart because I knew He will give me my hearts desires and His promises always come true but for now, I opted to be contented and at peace while waiting and then this morning happened…..

This longing for something greater. Something beyond my reach. Something implausible. That something that sometimes I don’t even know what it is all about, how?

Then I questioned myself.,..Am I too ambitious? Living in fantasy, maybe! Reaching for the inevitable? Standards too high? I don’t know!

All I know is that my heart doesn’t stop seeking. My mind says, there’s still more out there for me. That My God wants more from me. That He wants me to reach my highest potential. That He is not through with me yet. He still have a grander plan unfolding behind the scene. And my heart suddenly flutter with excitement.

I thought I cried a melancholic tears but I was wrong. This nerve that is being hit is a longing for God’s illustrious plan for me. A plan that I couldn’t even imagine nor fantasize about. A plan that God knew for now but will be unfolded in my life when the right time comes.

Hallelujah! .