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Someone’s Quirkiness

‚ÄčI was playing a game on my cellphone and this pop-up ads just kept on interrupting my serious invasion of my game. I’ve been trying to decipher for weeks now on how to win this particular episode and I’m getting frustrated especially when I almost, almost! mind you, completed the game and it is not meant to be again. Again! (Can’t you tell how frustrated I am?) And this pop-up signs doesn’t help at all. They’re so irritating. I almost throw my cellphone right across my room due to my emotional upheaval. Isn’t it pathetic?

Anyway, as I calmed myself down and took a deep, meditative breath, in, out, in, out, I felt  ridiculous about my reaction to my puny predicament.

Isn’t it so silly when we get irritated by the quirkiness of other people when we have our own weird mannerisms that we are not aware of? I mean, I was so irritated with the pop-up ads lurking on my screen when I knew they will eventually come out. The game that I’m playing at is for free so what do I expect, no ads at all? Not likely. So the truth of the matter is…..that pop-up ads will continue to bother me whether I like it or not or worst, whether I’ll smash my cellphone across the room, they will still stay.

It’s the same with people who irritates us.They will continue to come and go, no matter how much we want to cast them aside of our radar or periphery. Most of the time anyway, we didn’t even know why their weirdness poke our bad side. Some of them were even strangers to us or if they were acquainted with us, they are not doing anything bad towards us. We just hate their guts and we forgot, maybe, they hate ours as well.

As I have a deeper contemplation on this irritants (Ha, ha, ha!), I found myself amused and somewhat feeling kind of stupid because I was taking this way out of proportion. Why do I have to care so much on other people’s silliness, when I have plenty of mine to deal with?

Instead on focusing on their irritable behavior, I should look out for their positive uniqueness. We are all on the same boat. We are all sailing on the deep ocean of life even though we may have different ways, quirky or not, in dealing with it.

I thank God for people who irritates me, one way or the other, because it reminds me to look at myself and see my own weaknesses, to find out my unique idiosyncrasies. It reminds me to love and accept them as they are as I loved myself, weirdness and all and to expand my heart with patience since they too were willing to broaden their hearts for my frailties. Anyway, in the eyes of God, we all look the same, warts and all, we are still His beautiful sons and daughters. And mind you, He is in no way irritated by our individual quirkiness but love us all the more.
Happy Thanksgiving y’all!