Archive | October 2016


​Ah! Suffering! What are you made of?

You who give us tears and pain.

You who made our hearts aflame 

With regret and shame.

Why do you exist in our world?

When all we ever want 

Is a place of acceptance and

Happiness abound.

We care a lot and lost,

We dream high and fall,

We trusted and betrayed,

We did everything and then, nothing…

The weight is weighing us down.

We wonder if this is the end 

And be all of our existence.

Our dreams made more sense than reality.

We woke dreading our lives

Not knowing if we will again survive

Or we just have to end it all, 

To be free, to let go, a choice, a plan

If this is the only thing 

That this world could offer?

Then, are we born only to suffer?

Where is the respite in that!

Then, why do we still need to live?

What made us endure everything!

What does it takes for us to go on and on….

And accept suffering as a gift…..Why? What?

That flicker of hope bind us to move on.

Love made us do things beyond our comfort zone.

Our passion continues to prod us to get up.

And our loved ones shared the burden with us.

It’s an empty life without suffering…

This heavy word taught us to be selfless,

To endure, to persevere, molding our characters,

Creating a person who really live rather than exists.

It is a very important ingredient. 

For a very special, well-prepared dish

That add flavors to our tongue and palate.

To make our world a better place.

When Jesus suffered on the Cross,

It wasn’t demanded nor coerced by His Father

It was His unconditional choice, His obedience

Because He love us His wayward brood.

That suffering of Christ means passion.

He is so passionate about His love for us 

That He endured the beatings and nailing

Just for a frail human being like us.

As for me, I am imitating my Savior.

I am passionate, I am willing to suffer for His sake.

Because I am loved, I am blessed, I am bound for Heaven.

That’s where suffering can’t reach me then I am FREE!

Free at last!