Nature’s Best

I love nature. That is why I love traveling. When I am in the middle of a forest or a field or a beach or even a beautiful park in a middle of a metropolis, I felt its peace and positive energy that heightened my lopsided equilibrium and gave it a balance I couldn’t explain. It made me breathe easily, all the tensions were gone and I felt serenity in lieu of chaos inside of me.

But among nature’s best, I am more fascinated with two beautiful creation of God and that is the towering trees with their massive trunks and the beauteous butterflies that dances around happily.

When I looked up in the sky and saw these trees with their leaves swaying with the breeze, making a pattern of shadows on my face and around me, I am in awe of their beauty and hugeness. I felt protected instead of threatened by their stature and how they stand tall telling everyone, I  am who I am and I am proud of it.

For me, trees represents sturdiness, dependability, usefulness and so much more. They give an aura of confidence that no matter what the seasons may hurl at them, they will survive because they are rooted so deep inside the soil, no storms could ever uprooted them. But if for a time, they will be deracinated, their legacy still lingers. Their usefulness goes beyond their dying by giving warmth and tools for God’s people.

I want to aspire like a tree. Deeply rooted in my Savior’s arms that no one could ever pluck me out from Him. I want to sway with the breeze of the Holy Spirit’s fire and be directed by His breath on me to do as He wills. And when the time comes for me to be in heaven, I desire that my legacy will  be use for my Father’s glory because I was a faithful and obedient servant of His.

Trees stand tall in my periphery and the butterflies dances in my reverie.

Whenever I see butterflies hovering around me, it made me smile. Their beauty while fleeting from one place to another and sometimes chooses to land on my shoulder gives me goosebumps and I couldn’t help but stare at their intricate and diversified colors, telling everyone we may not look a like but we are all in harmony.

I see them flapping their wings joyfully not telling what they went through before they get to be in this beautiful stage in their lives. When I crossed upon it, I felt crushed right through the marrow of my bone and had this great respect of their courage and patience in the adversity that they went through as a wiggly, disgusting worm to a nondescript cocoon and eventually, emerging a very beautiful and delicate butterfly, prancing around in merriment. Freedom galore.

I hope to be like them. I pray that when I am in a stage of a worm, crawling down on my belly, feeling so low, I will humbly accept it with hope in my heart knowing that this is just temporary and the wiggling will stop and Someone will lift me up.

And when a cocoon will span it’s chain around me, hibernating, plateaus that continue to suffocate and tried my patience of its silence, I pray for grace not to struggle to be free immaturely. To gain wisdom amid the waiting, hoping, looking for a future that I desired it to be. To have faith that Someone knows the right time for me to mature and embrace His loving discipline for His glory.

Then, I will emerge like a butterfly, full of vigor, ready to conquer the world with its complexities, knowing that me and my Savior is in agreement with my desire and His will for me. A union of camaraderie and deep understanding of two beings, One who is Omnipresent and the one who have a profound love for His presence. Beauty from ashes. Free to roam around with the wings of bountiful colors that stood the test of time.

Tall aspirations and ephemeral dreams, I know, but nothing is impossible. As long as I live, I can still aspire to be a tree and a butterfly with the unending supply of God’s grace, it can be done. I may fall short but God is able…..He is and I’m sure of it. Really, sure of it, indeed.


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