Too Much To Bear

Tears formed from my eyes

As I stared at the walls
Nothing on my mind

My heart aches and my head hurts
To think what’s beyond this wall
For me to go on and hope

Why is life standing still
When everyone is moving on
I felt all alone

I don’t want to look ahead
It seems it is too much for me
Now is reality, tomorrow? I don’t see

Melancholic, yeah, I know
But what can I do
For now, this is who I am

Struggling to hope
Patience is getting thin
Agitation is settling in

I am selfish right now
I don’t want to think
I want to pay attention to what I feel

It maybe wrong, 
But for me now, it’s right
True to myself, I’ll be alright

As I wrote it down as a poem
I felt a smile crept up on my face
It’s nice to just be true to yourself

And not hide to the world
What’s going on inside
Especially when it hurts

Hope begin to blossom again
It will not let negative vibes in
To ruin my everything

Seeing beyond for now
May be too much to bear
But I’ll let hope come home again


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