Archive | June 2016

Stretching My Faith

The string has been pulled.
The arrow is about to strike.
But still My God didn’t let go.

I am about to break.
My heart is reaching its limit.
When will this pain ebb away?

My God stretched me for weeks.
At times, I am weakened 
by its fullness and agonized.

How long, oh Lord? How long?
Painful questions surmised.
I can’t take it anymore.

The ache kept on throbbing.
It seems like heaven is missing.
I am at lost, wondering, pondering.

Until My God said “be still, my child,
I know what I Am doing.”
Then, I ceased to complain.

He is All-knowing, Omnipotent.
I am a human being and temporary.
I don’t know anything.

My faith has been stretched.
I know it’s painful and confusing
But My God knows I needed it,

to move me more closer to Him.
The best is yet to come,
my God is faithful of His command.

I will emerge more stronger than ever.
My faith is tested and I did not break.
Victory is the emblem of my future.

The Lord is not through with me yet.