Archive | May 2016

My Only Consolation


When things are falling apart,
When nothing seems to make sense,
And I find myself wallowing in self-pity,
I bowed down my head and pray.

When my pain is so tangible,
It squeezes my heart so hard,
That I gasped out loud from the hurt,
I knelt on the floor in supplication.

I have nothing left to offer,
Except my emptiness, my nothingness,
I crave once again His touch to lovingly say,
everything’s gonna be alright.

My hope is slipping away, moving afar,
My eyes is filled with tears with ways,
I couldn’t understand nor comprehend.
I was depleted with strength, asking why?

I ceased to be strong, I need Him,
I can’t live without Him by my side,
How could I ever think otherwise,
When His love is the antidote of my strife.

When sometimes life took a big blow on me,
I staggered and fall, so hard to get up,
I look up with eyes full of fear to the One, 
Who knows me more than anyone else.

When I was fighting to live just for a day,
When night is much more pleasant,
To embrace than the light of day,
My God is my consolation, my way.

Every time I cried out in helplessness,
And restlessness to get away from me,
His loving embrace cast all the fears away,
My heart jump to face another day.

Things will continue to let me live,
In a rollercoaster ride again and again,
Days of lows and of highs, it’s sure fire,
But My God will be near to help me survive.