Archive | February 2016

Just Plain Me

I am not a supermodel
nor am I a femme fatale.
My looks is normal
that is unnoticeable
when you pass by.

I’m no genius, sad to say,
my brain is just average
but full of wonder and awe
as I try to live in this world
that’s full of conflict and strife.

My life can’t be written on a page
’cause it’s on a borderline of boring
and if a daring soul will write 
about it, you might fall asleep
as you scan the pages of my life.

I am far from perfect
when I, too, like all humanity
is being driven by my emotions
that seems to make me decide
to do things to be truthful or lie.

It’s so hard to go against the flow
when you are just a nobody,
never heard of or seen
even by those you thought of
as friends or family.

Sometimes, you just have to learn
to be alone, do not expect,
to ease the hurt and hide the tears
since no one knew what’s going on
inside  you, pretending to be whole.

But then, being ordinary is a gift.
When no one sees you that’s when
you see yourself, your woes, your flaws,
that’s when you realize, you are not 
on your own, so many of them is you.

As I look at myself, living simply
as can be, no fame nor fortune
to boast of in this world but still
though hurting and confuse of what
was happening to me, I still chose to live.

Everything around me is telling me
I failed but I chose not to mind
knowing that even though I am 
just a plain Jane in their sight,
I am a beloved in His eyes.

And sometimes in my puny mind,
I almost can’t understand His ways,
I bow my head and stop the why,
deciding to trust even if my heart
is bursting with hurt inside.

Somehow, I love being plain.
An ordinary speck in this universe
but handpicked by a Deity
who knew that an ordinary me
is being used for His glory, simply.


Jesus love you ❤


Stars On My Ceiling

It’s been a little while now 
since I find myself
looking up, thinking,
it is bright and beautiful.

It was up there.
I’ve been looking at it
day and night but
not seeing it at all.

I bet, it was twinkling
in the night, inviting 
me to notice them
but I haven’t or refuse to.

My attention is
somewhere else.
It’s with the gloom,
that the sparkle passed by.

Then, I looked up
as my head touches my pillow
and I saw them glaring at me,
daring me to ignore them again.

That twinkling stars
that beckons me to hope,
to dream again and to
bask its ease around me.

I felt shame drenched me.
Felt how I miss the spot again.
How I saw the emptiness and
be blinded by my selfishness.

I looked up and saw those stars,
telling me in their winking light
that all I need is to look up
and see that they never left me.

It is up there, flickering
down here, in my heart,
to hope, to dare, to win
in the middle of a storm.

Am I brave enough 
to continue looking up?
Even if what I am seeing
is just an ember of light up above?

In my darken room, 
amid the neon stars pasted 
on my equally dark ceiling,
I saw only their light

And I knew, right there and then,
I am bound to bounce back.
When the sun rise and the
stars rays faded away

Its brightness is embedded 
in my memory, a reminder
that a small ray of hope
can dispel the darkness away.


Jesus love you ❤