Hanging by a Thread

I felt everything is closing in.
Suffocating me,
Muddling my brain,
Can’t breathe, no oxygen,

Losing, hanging, 
Want to let go
So easy, who cares,
Just barely gripping…

Aching heart, watery eyes,
How much more could I take?
What’s behind all these?
Is it going somewhere?

Need to know….
Patience is getting nil…
So vulnerable,…
So out of sync.

I can’t……can I?
What for? Is it worth it?
Who will understand?
It’s so painful…deep-seated…

I am weary,
Come rescue me.
Lift my hand.
Show me…..

I am hanging still.
Hope is still there.
The minute light is flickering…
The only thing I am living.

“Go on.” It says….
With tears in my eyes,
I said, “Yes.”
In the midst of my heart break.

I am nothing 
until I have you.
That flickering light
that continues to glow.

Now, I see how tiny I can be.
But still you wont let go of me.
You still see me in my frailty
Lord, take hold of me…

I trust you with my journey.
Your way is grander than my way.
Please just hold me dearly
when I am hanging helplessly…


Jesus love you ❤


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