A Smile in the Middle of my Tears

I didn’t let the question why intrude
I didn’t let it muddle my brain to conclude
That what I’ve been going through
Is a manifestation of what is true.

Life is a cycle of joy and sorrow
We couldn’t fathom what will come out tomorrow
All I could do is rely on my Savior and Lord
That continues to penetrate my heart with His Word.

I don’t know the reason of it all
Why river of tears continues to fall
But in this darkness, one thing is for sure
His love and faithfulness for me is secure.

A smile crept amid the tears from my face
My heart is hurting but I decided to rejoice
No one can take away my joy by His grace
Only the Lord’s Will will prevail and I praise.

Lord, thank You for the supernatural strength
That You bestowed and gifted me with
To a child who learned to live by faith
Someday, everything will turn out great.

All glory to You, Lord😁😘💝😍


Jesus love you ❤


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