I Miss You

I miss you…
even if I don’t know you.
My heart is longing…
for your touch,
for your smile,
for your voice…
calling me,
saying sweet nothings,
tender, caring…

Tears falling…
can’t help it.
I just miss you.
I couldn’t help but want…
wanting to be part of someone…
to love, to share,
to create, to listen to,
to just be there.

This longing is real.
Waiting and waiting
for you to come,
at last.
But here I am,
still waiting.
Doesn’t know how long….
When? How? Who?

I miss you…
I really do.
Please come….
Please, Lord….
You knew who….
Please take good care of him.
I love him.
Lord, tell him.

I miss you…
I will continue to miss you.
‘Til we meet,
’til my heart binds with yours,
’til that perfect time,
’til that special moment,
I will miss you….

Still missing you😅


Jesus love you ❤


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