I Write Again

Hibernating is not part of my plan. 
Don’t have a word, my heart felt really dumb. 
In those times, i thought t’was a lost cause.
I can’t find my heart, the pen is lost.

Inspiration doesn’t struck like t’was before, 
My heart is aching, can’t do it anymore. 
The feelings seems dead and gone. 
I can’t even write a simple poem in my hand.

I let it go and i let it fly. 
Someday it’ll come back and make me high. 
The rhyme of life will make me cry
To see my dream fills my new found sky.

Now, i am writing from my heart again. 
The words flow from the dam of my pain. 
I reached out again to embrace there in
The journey of love and life from deep within…


Jesus love you ❤


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