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Jesus is the reason😘


Jesus love you ❤


I Miss You

I miss you…
even if I don’t know you.
My heart is longing…
for your touch,
for your smile,
for your voice…
calling me,
saying sweet nothings,
tender, caring…

Tears falling…
can’t help it.
I just miss you.
I couldn’t help but want…
wanting to be part of someone…
to love, to share,
to create, to listen to,
to just be there.

This longing is real.
Waiting and waiting
for you to come,
at last.
But here I am,
still waiting.
Doesn’t know how long….
When? How? Who?

I miss you…
I really do.
Please come….
Please, Lord….
You knew who….
Please take good care of him.
I love him.
Lord, tell him.

I miss you…
I will continue to miss you.
‘Til we meet,
’til my heart binds with yours,
’til that perfect time,
’til that special moment,
I will miss you….

Still missing you😅


Jesus love you ❤


I don’t spurn my human nature,
this is what and who I am.
It may sadden other people,
they just don’t understand.

I am an ordinary person,
I fear facing any pressure,
I am weak and I tried to hide
from the inevitable rigors of life.

At times, I am struggling
to swim in this fallen world.
I can’t seem to resurface
under my heavy load.

Tears started to cascade
whenever I laugh or cry,
I don’t really understand myself
no matter how much I try.

Emotions were unpredictable
not knowing what to believe.
Questions were unbelievable,
It confuses the way I live.

I want to love but so afraid
to risk that final step.
The adventure is not my thing,
I might lose my everything.

I am sensitive in some part
but insensitive to other’s needs.
I kept trying to change
but still do the wrong deed.

My humanity goes on and on.
The story will continue to flow.
I’ve seen what I’m made of
as His grace started to show.

In my humanity, Jesus came,
He loved me and became humane.
He chose to suffer for my sake
to save me from my mistake.

Now, I embraced my poverty,
thanking God for creating me.
I may continue to fail everyday,
He will never forsake my humanity.

His love endures all the time.
He accepted me as I am.
He understood my inadequacy
that’s the reason Jesus saved me.


Jesus love you ❤

I Write Again

Hibernating is not part of my plan. 
Don’t have a word, my heart felt really dumb. 
In those times, i thought t’was a lost cause.
I can’t find my heart, the pen is lost.

Inspiration doesn’t struck like t’was before, 
My heart is aching, can’t do it anymore. 
The feelings seems dead and gone. 
I can’t even write a simple poem in my hand.

I let it go and i let it fly. 
Someday it’ll come back and make me high. 
The rhyme of life will make me cry
To see my dream fills my new found sky.

Now, i am writing from my heart again. 
The words flow from the dam of my pain. 
I reached out again to embrace there in
The journey of love and life from deep within…


Jesus love you ❤