Most Unlikely

They say true friends are hard to find,
Well, let me say what’s on my mind.
I have a friend, she’s one of a kind,
I don’t even know what made us bind.

She’s thirteen years younger than me.
She’s thirty while I’m forty-three
But when we talk, no topic is cliché.
We just get along, everything is dandy.

I don’t know if she’s mature for her age
Or I’m the one who’s out of range.
All I know she is a friend indeed.
Who listens even about my misdeed.

I couldn’t find another friend like her.
She is created with a heart of gold.
Whoever loves her is blessed forever.
’cause she live in her Father’s mold.

Being her friend is a joyful feeling.
She cares too much for my well-being.
That’s why I will never stop praying.
In her life, blessings just keep on pouring.

I love my friend, love to see her happy.
She deserves the love that is meant to be.
With her tender heart captured by somebody.
I’m at peace, she is cared for beautifully.

Soar high, friend, let God lead you.
Out Savior is there to see you through.
I am always be here to support you.
Even if in another place you need to go.

Our friendship is carved on a rock.
No geographical location can block
that camaraderie that we both have,
being bonded by our Savior’s love.

Thank you so much for your love and care.
Thank you so much for being there.
Thank you for the fun and laughter.
You will always be in my heart forever.


To Janice, thank you for being a friend😘

Jesus love you ❤


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