I am not afraid of losing
If it is not meant to be
Why do I have to hang on?
I am just wasting my time.

Sooner, a purpose will be clear
On the loss I felt so real
I may not see it right away
But the answer is very near

Losing my pride for a loved one
Is just right and true
It is not fattening anyway
I’ll gladly swallow it through

I’m letting go of unforgiveness
It’s just a burden in my heart
The Lord will give me justice
It is His and forgiving is my part

If I have to lose someone special
To give way for God’s best
He knew the right person
A choice I will never regret

I can still lose a thing or two
It may lead to many questions
But God will seize my heart to trust
That He got the better options

Now, I’ll say it again and again
I am not afraid of losing
All that I’ve lost in the process
I will gain by continue believing

That His Word is sure and tested
Everything is already been done
Not by sight but by faith
Orchestrated by my Father’s hand.

Jesus love you ❤


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