I Am Helpless

I am helpless.
I need you.
I can’t do it on my own.
I am lost
without you by my side.

I am helpless.
You are all that I need.
You are all that I want.
You are my everything.
My all.

I am helpless.
I feel all alone.
I gasped with pain
when I feel you’re not around.
I want to be near you.

I am helpless.
I want to hear you.
This is my longing.
So intense, I beg
for you to stay.
Be with me.

I am helpless.
I need you more.
This is my desire.
You know that I do.
Hold me tight.

I am helpless.
Don’t allow me to let go.
Shackle me in your arms.
Embrace me with your love.
Help me to be with you.

I am helpless.
Needy, dependent.
So in love with you.
I need to come to you.
To breathe, to live.

I am helpless.
Help me to stay.
I am reaching out to you.
Jesus, I am simply
nothing without you.

I am helpless.
So that I will come.
So that I’ll run to you.
To be one with you.
To have you, to stay.

I am helpless……


Jesus love you ❤


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