Balancing Act

A friend of mine just told me of her happiness by meeting and loving the man of her dreams. The one that she’d been praying and waiting for, for so long. I saw the twinkle in her eyes as she related to me there love story but then, all of a sudden she sighed and with a drooping shoulders, she also unburden the load of caring for an important member of her family in a hospital that tainted her bout of mirth.

Then she told me, why can’t things be perfect as it is?
And I answered her, you should be thankful, now you have somebody to lean on when the burden is too heavy for you to carry rather than carrying it on your own.

But then again, it got me thinking….

Life in general is a balancing act….

We need to juggle so many things that concerns us that sometimes we forget that all of these things that we are addressing, are the ones who gives meaning to our lives, enhances our characters and molding us to be who we are and what we will be.

The balance of good and evil, light and darkness, success and failures, certainties and doubts, happiness and loneliness is a package that we need to accept and embrace in order for us to realize that this is the making of the universe that we live in, a temporary sojourn that takes us beyond our narcissism, calling us to be aware that we are not alone, that there are others surrounding us.

I believe that in everything that we’ve experienced, complained about, pondered on, struggled for, laughed at, wailed over is by nature telling us to choose between leaning on so much on the unwanted unpleasantness that will tip down the balancing scale or to dwell on reality that life will most unlikely and will never be perfect at all.

Everytime I feel like shoving or, forgive the brutally, killing any form of irritation that wouldn’t go away no matter how much I try, I always take a deep breath and tell myself; “I need this. This is just temporary. I will emerge a much better person. Soon, I will wake up and this is all over.” And even if sometimes it doesn’t work and I’m still in a murderous mode, I chose to accept the dent in my tune-up life because basically, life is really like that….perfection is void…. permanence is nil…

I just have to live with that and love my life as it is… its fullness.


Jesus love you ❤


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