It Overflows

Have you ever felt so unworthy that you can’t even lift your eyes to heaven because of your past sins and then instead of brimstone and wrath, the Lord gave you an unexpected blessing?

That’s what happened to me this week……

I was sick and He restores me……

I felt so low, so filthy but the God of unconditional love just picked me up, brushed off the dust from my bended knees and told me, “I’ve forgiven you, my child. Here! Have some vacation for free on a beach resort and commune with me there.”

And I did…..I’ve never felt the tangible love of my Savior in that moment….

My Lord love me and that love became more real to me again……

I was so far away but He sought me out…..embrace me tight and made me realized, He never once left me…..

I shed some tears….not of sorrow but of thankfulness….welling in my heart…..overflowing…….


Jesus love you ❤


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