A Blessing after a Curse

After a while of struggling,
I give in.
A certain temptation
became a sin.
Downtrodden, I hung my head,
my back is hunch,
feeling the bend.
Regret came easy,
can’t undo what I did.
Need to suffer,
get lost in the maze.
Darkness swirls around me,
couldn’t stop the tears.
Castigating myself,
pounding my chest.
Why did I do such thing?
Where is my shame?
My weakness overwhelms me,
holding my pain.
Expecting a rebuke from above,
I couldn’t look,
my eyes won’t move.
Found myself lifted up,
cleansed, purified, more loved.
I cried with tears of gratitude
for His generosity.
I stand in awe of the Man
who didn’t let go of me.
The curse that I dreaded
became used for His glory.
Only He can do such miracle
that truly humbles me.
A new day is breaking,
a new me had emerged.
I’ll never forget His love
must proclaim throughout the world.
His saving grace taught me
who I should be.
I love the way He made me
because….. I am He.


Jesus love you ❤

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