My Heart is Far Away

I felt the chasm marring my very soul
The stillness within I can’t fully control
It’s frightfully dead. So bland, no taste at all
Frozen, so afraid to finally make a fall

My First Love is there, from a distance
Will I capture it again if given a chance?
Will I ever break out from this trance
That tend my heart to recalcitrance

How long will my disappointment last?
How long will I live the hurt from my past?
I thought the promise is in the realm of I can’t
Heart skidded down, blaming You for the brunt

I didn’t recognize the massive void at first
I thought, I am alright, clinging to my mirth
All a sham, hiding my shattered heartbeat
I didn’t know I am hanging and desperate

I don’t want to be like this anymore
Help me severe that tied me to mourn
The events of the shadowed past that I scorn
Leaving me morose and so very much forlorn

Please let Your love penetrate me again
Encase my heart with the fullness that I yearn
Foreshadowing my insecurities and concern
Forgetting them….. forgiving me in the end

My heart be at peace, this too shall pass
Deadness will breathe again, you will grasp
The joyful reuniting of Love no one can surpass
Because His grace is sufficient and just, at last


Jesus love you ❤


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