You and Me

You’ve taught me how to listen
Despite how ticklish were your ears
It doesn’t stop you to share
It never stopped you to care…

We are different but one
We share just one common ground
Our heart beat for just one Man
To savor His love, we joyfully found…

They say we’re little and cute
I guess, they’re astutely right
It’s a subtle way to put
That what we lack for is height…

Despite that simple truth
God doesn’t stop the growth
Our spirit is soaring high
In His guidance, we abide…

Then, let’s savor each moment
Live a life for His commandment
Willing to pay the price in each event
To have Christ’s heart and be obedient…

Soon, we will face God above
To live and basked in His love
The tears we’ve shed is past and gone
‘Cause our joy is complete in God’s only Son…


…..dedicated to Sister Josefina, a friend of mine who chose to serve the Lord full-time.
Jesus love you ❤


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