Time is an Essence

When your past collided again with your present, will this mean that you are meant to be or just a past that needs some closure? What if your heart still feels something but when you think about what he did, your head seems to blow-up because you knew the problems that you had before hasn’t changed?

Ah! The affairs of the heart and second chances…..

Nobody taught me of what to do about this kind of situation. Definitely, I heard about the triumph and horror of some people’s experiences but never been into this personally. Most of my past never attempted to get back to me or if they did, they didn’t have the patient to wait for my answer.

You see, it’s definitely ironic because just when I thought I am now okay and been used to him not being by my side, poof!, there he is, magically waltzed through my periphery again and again, persistently, like a blast from the past. Then the cycle of “will I talk to him? Will I trust him again? Is it real this time when he says he love me? Or I am going for a mile of foolishness again?” continued to invade my brain, I suddenly flipped out and just yelled, arg!, like a caveman.

Anyway, after I kept on punishing my poor hair by gripping it over and over again with my frustration, I was back to my sane mind and prayed. “Lord, please let Your Will precede me before my treacherous heart get ahead without your grace being there.” The answer lies between me and my God and I lay it all down before Him. In prayer, I let go. In prayer, I surrendered. In prayer, I begged and in my prayer, I found peace.

I know now what to do. God has a plan. He will reveal it in time. I just have to trust and this time wait for His guidance, wait for His direction and let time takes its course, knowing that this will not be wasted, this will be another notched to His glorious sovereignty, not only to me but also to this person who is asking for his second chance. A chance that all of us, one way or another, encountered and needed in our lives…..but the answer will always be in
God’s hands.

Thank You, Lord, for our many chances. 🙂

After a month…..

He never got his second chance, Gods definite answer is a no……and I want to follow Him and instead we became friends.

God knows what’s best for me…..He knows me better.☺


Jesus love you ❤


One thought on “Time is an Essence

  1. This reflection that I have is just my personal journey with just one guy who happen to severe the trust that I have for him by having lies and vowing to love me but having other woman. He rejected me callously and now wants to come back without even saying I’m sorry. But despite the pain I went through I still have the heart and the confusion to accept him back again. So, I prayed to the Lord for guidance and you know the answer to that. I am a daughter of God, I deserve to be treated and respected as a woman who respect herself. I’m sorry if you don’t understand what I am talking about. God bless:)


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