Later is a word I sometimes associate with procrastination. When I must do something important right now and somehow my brain doesn’t pick up yet what it is and I succumb to my laziness or it is disrupting my current plan for the day, I didn’t do it and I ended up regretting it knowing in the end I suffer the consequences of my delayed action? That’s what later is all about to me.

There are times when we need to wait for acting on things that we need to do but most of the time we need to do things right now, as of the moment. Like paying a debt that we owe someone or our credit cards for that matter so that we won’t be in a mess of having debts way above our head. Or maybe visiting or helping a family member who needs our support and presence before they disappear completely in our lives or maybe we need to have a doctor’s appointment and we’re just too bothered to know the unforeseen outcome that we keep on postponing it or better yet, maybe we want to embark on things that we love but we’re just afraid to start because we might think we’re are not good enough or people may not understand the things that we don’t normally do with our lives.

So many things to procrastinate about and so little time to undo what we haven’t done in the first place.

I love to write. I’ve been doodling short stories, poems and other literary paraphernalia since I was a kid and it is all done in secret. I started writing it on small notebooks that I hid inside the crevices of my humble room in our old house because I thought it wasn’t good enough. When our house were renovated I lost some of those notebooks and since then I haven’t recovered or captured the true essence of my thoughts and feelings on those lost memoirs of my experiences. Now that I’m having my blog, it always gave me a sigh every time I thought about all those treasures I just took for granted or discarded because of an alibi.

Thank God for true friends who saw beyond my shyness and insecurities and prodded me to publish my works because they believed in what I am capable of. They were just a handful whom I could count with my fingers but they are enough to put my passion for writing into proper perspective and channelling.

Now, I am enjoying my time of what I am passionate about and because of the modern technology, it is easier to do what I love most and it erases the reasons why I shouldn’t do it in the first place. I am happy that I have now my blog, writing every week, despite my own misgivings and uncertainties.

So, my dearest friend, please don’t let me hear you say later or tomorrow if you want to do something for today. Whatever it is that you must do at this moment or right now, it is all worth it. The fruit is much more sweeter as you accomplish things that will save you from swimming into the abyss of regrets. I’ve tasted its sourness and as much as possible I don’t want to taste it again.

Let’s savor today, the “now” and just like what the Savior said: “Let tomorrow take care of itself,” is another day of tackling the “now” of our tomorrows.

Life is too short for living in so much regrets so whatever we can do for today, let’s do it with joy, love and passion in our hearts because in the end we will reap the harvest of fulfillment in due time.

So, please say “I’ll do it now!” and enjoy…. 🙂


Jesus love you ❤


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