The Cry of an Imperfect Lover

How can this be?
What are You doing to me?
When will stop You wooing me?
I’ve been ignoring You for so long.

I’m not interested to know You.
I’ve been resisting You for years.
Can’t you see?
I don’t want You!

Why can’t You let me go?
Why are You so stubborn?
What is it in me that You love?
Don’t You know? I am so unworthy of You.

Let me remind You. You are very rich,
I am so poor. I live in this gutter
You’ve got You’re castle in the sky.
You are a King, I am just a pauper.

Why can’t You see our differences?
Why can’t You see how filthy I am?
Why can’t You see I can’t be faithful?
Why can’t You see I have other lovers? Why?

See this….I want You to know my family.
They may hurt, reject or ignore me
But they’re all I’ve got.
I can’t possibly leave them.

How about my friends?
No way! They embraced who I am.
Despite the fact that sometimes
they just don’t understand.

My work? My dependable, secure work!
You’re questioning his worth?
You don’t know my needs,
This one always provides for me.

Don’t You ever dare mention about my vices.
How do You think should I live without them?
Do You want me to die in boredom?
Do you?

So You see….my hands are full.
I can’t, for the life of me, belong to You alone.
That’s utterly ridiculous….Impossible….
You can’t possibly have all of me. I just can’t…..

I have to reject You.
I can’t possibly surrender to You.
How can I?
I need them…..They need me…..

So, please, just go!
Stop pursuing me!
Stop hurting Yourself!
Don’t die because of me……

You’re willing to die on that Cross for me?
Why!? Why would You do that!?
I don’t understand You at all!
How come you’re willing to die for me?

Because You love me?
You love me! Hah! No way!
Nobody could love me unconditionally.
Nobody were willing to die because of me!

Can’t You see my filthiness?
But still You cleansed me.
Can’t You see my nakedness?
But still You clothed me.

You won’t give up.
Until I surrendered to You.
Until my excuses and alibis flew away.
Until there’s only You right in front of me.

Your love changed me.
I am cleansed, renewed, filled.
Bit by bit, I surrendered my lovers.
Until You became my all and all.

Why am I still hurting You?
Why am I still disobeying You?
Why am I not trusting You?

What makes me doubt Your promises?
Why am I so unfaithful?
Why am I afraid of my future?
Why am I like this?

I was supposed to trust You.
You are my everything!
You give me Your all!
I should be doing the same for You.

I am still failing You.
I made wrong choices.
And sometimes, I am angry with You.
I don’t understand why am I like this?

Oh, Lord, I desire to perfectly love You.
I want to shower You with my praises and cares.
I want to see You nod in approval of what I do.
I need to know Your deepest appreciation.

But…..I have an imperfect heart,
An imperfect thoughts, an imperfect will.
This is all I can give You.
My brokenness, an imperfect me.

My beautiful Bride, that’s all I ever want.
The imperfect and broken you.
Can’t you see how much I love you?
Can’t you see how much I care?

I don’t need a perfect lover.
I need to make you whole.
I need to complete you
And make you mine.

That’s all I ever desire.
That’s all I ever want.
Loving who you are.


Embracing the real you.

So, accept fully My love.
Let’s celebrate true love in our hearts.
I Am yours and you are Mine.
Be My beloved and let’s soar high.

Jesus love you ❤


One thought on “The Cry of an Imperfect Lover

  1. The moment you read Secular´s, you´ll see he is poorer than a church mouse (and he probably thinks he´s found a friend). 🙂


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