Inside Out

I am having my vacation right now at my Mom’s province and while we were having our snack, I saw this odd looking, jackstone ball look-a-like bread with a pinkish sugary on top. It look so weird to me since I haven’t seen anyone like this and I thought it will be tasteless and hard to chew as well. I had some hesitation of eating the bread but since I had no choice because it was the only bread on the table, I was coerced by tasting it. And I was surprised when I found out that it taste really good. The bun is soft and the pinkish sugary thing on top complements the salty texture of the bun. I ate six of those tasty bun before I had my fill.

Lesson learn? Don’t judge the bun or rather the book by its cover…..

Most of the time, I am guilty of this: Being judgmental. I almost always conclude something on someone just because of how they look or how they act, how they speak, not knowing that these people were more than these things.

I always fall short in the expression, “first impression is lasting.” Sometimes it does but most of time, it doesn’t. Somehow I don’t know the full story of why they look like that or why they act or speak like that. My sense of perception is not always on the right track and most of the time, I barked on a wrong tree and it made me judge the person unfairly. And the judgment is almost if not always inclining on the negative aspect of the scale. The balance is so left-handed that sometimes I hurt people knowingly or unknowingly without getting to see the real them first.

I, too, suffered from being judged by someone as well and the negative feeling it evoked is so unpleasant that I don’t want to be stepping on that shoe again. But life is like that. Perfection is a far away reality in our world. We will be judged by other people and we will judge other people but the most important part is, we acknowledge the fault of being judgmental and correct our mistakes. And we might be surprise later on when we found out that it is slowly being seep out from our system and find ourselves being more generous in giving people we encountered everyday a benefit of a doubt knowing we are simply humans after all, prone to some mistakes but as long as we’re willing to change, I think the grace of God will be more stronger than the wrong perception that we always have for others.

In the end, I realized, there is only One Person who can judge us without any prejudices on His part but with ironclad fist of unconditional love bestowed on us no matter how unforgiving our sins are. He chose to embrace us fully, judging us with His love and in those loving perception, we found ourselves embracing who we are, at the same time, learning to love others as we love ourselves.

Basically, that’s the golden rule right? And as long as we live in this imperfect world, we may learn to apply this rule everyday of our lives despite of our own past judgmental attitudes.

Learn, change and live. That’s the way to go, my friend 🙂


Jesus love you ❤


2 thoughts on “Inside Out

    • I don’t call it preaching actually. I call it teaching. My personal learning lessons in my life that the Lord taught me and wants to share it with everyone. Hoping they can relate and be encourage 🙂


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