Thoughts Upon…..

Myriad of thoughts
flying through the clouds of my mind,
I pondered on life, careening haplessly on the verge of  insanity,
Mirrors of helplessness embraces the so-called humanity
but conjure the image of self-indulgence and pride
to camouflage the state of impropriety.
I wonder if in this state of calumny,
courageous souls will be awaken
to enlighten the world of authentic humanity;
by satisfying the spirit rather than the body,
to live a life beyond selfish acts of lusting,
remembering that giving is a heroic form of loving.

But then, when insincerity reign supreme
and the wall of trust crumble down from its heights,
when our world is painting a bland colors of uncertainty,
a chaotic energy
that drain us completely,
when our ground is shaken
from the depths of its foundation
and the hinges were rattled
with just a wisp of the passing wind,
we succumb to the melancholic feeling of staying
rather than moving on ahead,

We need to scale again the mountain of loving and forgiving,
giving ourselves a chance to grow,
to live again in great harmony.
To know that the past is not the epitome of our future
but an experience that we need to let go
and to learn from again.

It takes a lot of human dignity
to start over again amid the shadows that twist our fate.
To cast our eyes upon the Light that should consume
our everyday existence.

But there is still hope ahead of us
if we just choose to surrender
our humanity to the Almighty I Am,
Who knew what’s beyond our what ifs and what’s not,
a willful surrender of who He is in our lives
and who we are in His,
a pivotal part of our lives that says
“I Am with you until the end of time.”

Jesus love you ❤


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