Loving Him

I want to know his mind…..
His thoughts, ideas, dreams, daydreams, plans, melancholies, probing, curiosities, building-up, itineraries, scattering, ignorance, follies, foibles, opinions, innocence, learning, intelligence, failures, imaginations, staring, nothingness, understanding, comprehension, dawning, waywardness, wandering, stillness, fantasies, realities, pride, stubbornness, humility, hardheadedness, willingness, confusions, certainties, inquiries, lewdness, presumptions, assumptions, conclusions, compromises, doubts…..
Knowing all these…..still…..
I will choose to love his mind.

I want to know his heart…..
His love, cares, fears, strength, worries, weaknesses, halfheartedness, sorrows, pains, sadness, loneliness, joys, sacrifices, silence, peacefulness, acceptance, giving, enviousness, jealousies, anger, impatience, spiritedness, courage, patience, disappointments, happiness, discouragements, hopelessness, exuberance, boldness, cowardice, noise, chaos, forgiveness, rejections, abandonment, neediness, straying, home, family, crippling, confidence, selfishness, trust, fullness, emptiness, selflessness, vulnerabilities, truthfulness, standing-up, moving on, risks, hopefulness…..
Knowing all these…..still…..
I will choose to love his heart.

I want to know his soul…..
His faith, uniqueness, personality, character, self-control, spirituality, relationships, beliefs, unbelief, questions, uncertainties, aloneness, specialization, idiosyncracies, holiness, whole-being, self-righteousness, importance, securities, depth, temptations, darkness, sinfulness, meekness, immobility, perfectionism, imperfections, intricacies, desires, guilt, commitments, values, virtues, preparations, wonders, awes, chasm, grace, life, wholeness, breathing…..
Knowing all these…..still…..
I will choose to love his soul.

I want to know his physique…..
His hugs, touch, caress, kiss, passion, tucking, tickles, laughter, smile, frown, concentration, distraction, walk, run, dance, talents, texture, face, gait, sweetness, slumber, hobbies, fun, sports, colors, music, books, interest, facade, blemishes, tears, sobbing, jokes, antics, lameness, shouts, teachings, searching, paleness, vibrancy, togetherness, nearness, chemistry, connection, eyes, conversations, irks, cuddling, quirks, posture, odor, fragrance, stance, voice, timbre…..
Knowing all these…..still…..
I will choose to love his physique.

Through all these knowing, it is still my decision
my risk, my choice to love him…..

Faith, hope and love remains,
but the greatest of these is love…..
It never fails,
So, I am committed to love him still…..


Jesus love you ❤

3 thoughts on “Loving Him

  1. After reading “Loving him” I think it is pending WHAT he would be thinking about all these…

    Your mind, your heart, your soul and psyche… They deserve a thought, about you, too.


    • We all long to have this deeper connection with someone special and I think, most of the people were afraid to be intimate with someone other than themselves. The fear of vulnerability, being visible but I can’t help it, I want to be brave. It’s a DNA I inherited from our Father in heaven. What can I say? 🙂


      • I don´t know if I´m good at getting connected or being connected (sometimes my borrowed internet connectio ALSO fails) Ha! Ha! 🙂
        But, as far as I´ve tried on CC and those blog I sent away, I´ve tried to challange ppl on that risk (or task).
        On CC ppl like to play their hide-and-seek games and, on the other side, preyers long for a victim and, lately, I have heard of friends who have been wounded and scammed (that´s why I wanted to warn you, the way I did).

        Online, ppl get connected with their souls, their minds and the “nasty” flaw we “talkers” have is being naive in being open to ppl we don´t know their intentions… I do beg those things change, at least in my live and, meanwhile, I have the previlege to TALK ALONE of what I wrote. It doesn´t matter being heard and, any moment I died, my thoughts will be “alive” talking to each other, with these words I already typed or thought. 😉


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