When Tragedy Strikes

I love watching documentaries. Sometimes I spent hours watching from one topic after another. Learning things and facts along the way.

Last night, I came across children who were abducted, became sex slaves and been in captivity for days, months and even years. The longest recorded is eighteen years in captivity with her predator and his wife. She was just eleven then and been freed when she was in her late twenties with two teen daughters fathered by the fiend.

My heart just broke…..

Then all of a sudden, tragedy upon tragedy, projected through my mind. People I’ve known who lost their love ones from an unexpected storm surge, earthquake from a nearby island, a housemate of mine who lost her dad, her mom going through so many surgeries because they were rained down by bullets while sleeping inside their home and a friend of mine today who I look up to suddenly died of cardiac arrest.

My heart bled…..again and again and again.

Tears formed in my eyes and for the first time I don’t have any words to say. I am speechless. No adjectives could ever describe what I feel inside and the only thing I could think of is, if my heart is breaking into pieces, how much more the victims who survived their ordeal, the families who loved them, who waited, who long for their return but it’s not possible anymore. My mind felt numb from the agony I knew they went through.

I couldn’t even empathize with them because i haven’t been in their shoe and the only thing I could do is to give them sympathy on their plight, pray and support them in silence. No form of sympathetic words I could utter can ease the pain what they were going through. I couldn’t give them the reassurances that they needed of why this is happening to them because I do too don’t have the answer to this agonizing circumstance in there lives.

And while I was pondering and praying, I felt a surge of deep respect and wonder to these people who went through tragedies and survived. I found there strength in battling the evil into good a heroic feat because if I am in their shoe, I don’t know if I have the strength to face it all and not wanting to die.

But then they say you can never see the resiliency and strength of a human being unless you are in the midst of the circumstance. Sometimes, humans coping mechanism in battling tragedies or evil circumstances is mind-boggling. For that girl who were abducted and been captive for eighteen years and survived is for me a miracle. Her hope, faith and strength is extraordinary and even though my heart’s been shredded into bits, her survival is a testament to God’s amazing grace.

I don’t know why God allows tragedies to happen to an individual, a family, a community or a country. All I know is that in everything, there is a reason behind it. I may not understand nor fathom or it may cause so much pain but the reality is, this world is still the playground of the evil one who roam around trying to disrupt the lives of God’s children. And it gives me so much hope when God turned a tragedy into a life of change, the unforgivable to forgiveness, hatred to love and brokenness to wholeness once again.

Satan may from time to time get the upper cut in our world but God is still in His throne and He can still bestow miracles of healing, restoration and peace to those who suffers a lot from the evil one through nature’s fury, sickness or those people who made the wrong choice to worship.

Everything is not lost and even if we still encounter evil things happening in our planet, we are assured that this too is temporary and when the time comes for the True King to take His place as ruler of the earth, there will never be tears nor sorrow in His dominion and that’s what our faith is all about. Our hope of eternal life.


Jesus love you ❤


One thought on “When Tragedy Strikes

  1. Tradegies?
    As I lived this earthquake (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-dWwbLZ6LKcM/T1z0iBbAmMI/AAAAAAAAAAU/IVAafgzc3B4/s1600/TERREM~1.JPG)

    I think it helped us to open up hearts to FAITH, particularly whe we realized, suddenly, we had nothing, being nothing.
    I was 6 years when I reminded my grandmom we had a cross inside my uncle´s bedroom. “We can use it to pray, abuelita” I said.

    She got a young brave neighbour to sieze it back from those ruins and messy appartment he probably saw at entering. Outside we were nervous thinking what had happend and begging God to protect that hero who came back to make an altar, with blankets he´s found, while we all shrank in fears, doubts, wondering why God hit the land with “a curse” and not a blessing…

    I can remember how many converted to “FAITH” they nominally had, hidden as an idol, in the identity the have in public, but NOT in their hearts and everydays walk.

    Tragedies also served to remind us who we are, and who we should be, before GOD and men.


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