Be Nice…..Please :)

Let me exercise your imagination…..

Imagine a world where everyone is the Master, the Employer, the Rich and the Famous.

Imagine being inside your enormous house with just yourself and your family, no one cooking your food, no one cleaning your bathrooms nor your bedrooms, no one tending your garden or pool or garage, no one helping you out to the tiny-gritty things that makes your delicate hands dirty because the work is beneath you. Imagine coming home to a filthy, musky and messy house. Will you consider it your home? Do you want to sleep in it? I don’t think so.

Okay, how about this…..

Imagine being there at your office, your schedule is a mess, clients are coming but the Conference Hall is unprepared, deadlines were overdue and no one even bothered to brew some coffee to perk you up in the morning. Imagine yourself standing at your very plush and opulent office but your mind is spinning because you can’t stand the turbulent scenario it was presenting. Do you still want to work? Will you still have an appetite to chew the challenges of getting ahead of your game? Nah! It will be a waste of your time.

Then, take time to consider this…..

Imagine getting out on the streets, cars were piling in because no one bothered to direct the traffic, the traffic lights were blinking in disarray, accidents were seen everywhere, the streets were pile-high with different kinds of garbage and when you get inside a shopping establishment, no one greeted you or check your belongings, no one even ask you for what you intended to buy or entertain you of what you want and when you sat down to eat on your favorite restaurant, you sat there hungry, thirsty, staring at the menu because nobody cared enough to ask for your need. Will you still look forward in going out? Will you still find time to shop, eat and have fun knowing self-service is at hand? Let’s see if you can handle it.

Am I getting to you? Is this the world you invision it to be? Then, if you think you can’t live like this: Be nice please to those people you thought were beneath you.

Our Servants, Drivers, Security Guards, Secretaries, our Employees, even Construction workers, Janitors, Street sweepers, Traffic Enforcers, Waiters, Salesladies, Garbage Collectors and other blue collar jobs that needed so much work but were underpaid and sometimes, neglected, they’re the ones I’m talking about.

I can’t live without them, that’s why I treated them right. I can’t do everything on my own, even if I have all the money in this world, I need their help. I need them to clean my surroundings, to cook my food and serve them, to protect me from untoward incidents, to align my chaotic schedules, meetings and other duties in between, to direct me to what I want to buy or my needs. I know I can’t do my work, I can’t be with my loved ones nor can i relax even for a while if I don’t have them in my life. They may be insignificant in the eyes of other people above them but in my eyes they are an integral part of mine.

Rags beneath our feet may only be an object to wipe out the dirt on our shoes but when you step on it in a wrong way, it might swept you off your feet literally and find yourself sprawled flat on your back with a broken neck just because you forget that they were there when you open the door.

Sometimes we see these people as rags beneath our feet, we tend to discard them after being use or clean them off to be use again but we never think how valuable this people are in our everyday existence. We tend to go pass our head that these people whom we thought were nobodies are the people who we cannot live without. We do our work excellently because of their help and patience in doing the work that we call mundane. For me, these people are special.

They were place there by God to create an important role for our world to be in proper balance of serving and being served. So, please, let us appreciate what they were doing in our family, our work place, our community and at large, our society. Be nice to them. Give them a smile, a wave, a thank you to let them know they were not just a speck in this world but a human being who also need encouragement when the load of their so-called mundane job is too heavy for them. These people are like us, our status or label may be higher than what they do but when we think about it, we are not as reliable and as responsible as we are now if these people doesn’t exist in our every day life.

And even if some of them didn’t have the courtesy to be nice to you, be nice to them anyway. That’s the measure of who you really are as a person and your obedience to the True Master who says; “Masters, treat your slaves justly and fairly, realizing that you too have a Master in heaven” (Collosians 4:1), because when you do obey, God will surely reward you in heaven for being a true and faithful servant.

We are all servants of God but He never uses or sees us as a rag beneath Him but an important person in His household, work place and in our world. Servanthood is a fundamental calling for us whether we do a lowly task or have the highest rank, it won’t matter. What matter most is whether we serve with our heart or with our mind.

I chose to be nice, that’s the least I could do to these hand-picked people in my life.


Jesus love you ❤

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