Answered Prayer


Let me tell you a story…..

Once there was a prim and proper
Lady who befriended an improper
Girl in the neighborhood. To the amazement of those people around them, they became best of friends. Their lives intertwine in a way that made people questioned the sincerity of their friendship since they live a different lives and status.

The prim and proper Lady lived in such a way that her parents made sure that she got a proper education from prestigious and exclusive schools and University in the City while the not-so-proper Girl didn’t have the means to finish her studies because of lack of resources and guidance from her loved ones.

The Lady’s parents loved her and took care of her needs and even her wants, lacking in nothing while the Girl when she was at the age of 14 lost her parents from cancer in a span of a year and she and her younger sister were being thrown to be cared for by her Grandmother and an abusive, drunken younger brother of her Mom who almost everyday beat them physically and verbally.

The Lady’s life continue to flourish while the Girl’s life continue to deteriorate.

Over the years, this Lady became successful and found herself serving the Lord while the Girl continued her downward spiral as she became pregnant at a tender age of 18 by a married, older man, got a son and got pregnant again by another married man, got another son… she became so lost and distraught that she became the laughing stock of her peers and the disgrace of her family.

But all through those times, the Lady started to pray for her Girl friend since the time she met the Lord in a personal way in 1994 and never let go no matter what she feels of her friend’s situation. Especially those times when she thought that her friend will not change, for the life of her, the Lord never let her give up helping her and most of all, praying for her.

The years went on and on, the situation in their lives continues to go in the opposite direction that sometimes, the Lady thought that they will never meet halfway again and she is so afraid to lose her Girl friend from drugs, alcohol, sex and wrong companions but…..the Lord sees everything and He got a plan…..a much better plan.

In 2004, she came to the Lady crying her heart out because she’s pregnant again on her third child from a single guy this time but very disturbed young man who didn’t acknowledged the paternity of her son. She wanted to abort the baby but her Lady friend persuaded her not to do it and helped her in her day to day needs while being pregnant. After the baby was born, she let her son be adopted by a Christian couple and the Lady saw the most painful experience that her friend went through, crying with her, sharing the pain.

This time around, the Girl decided to change the course of her life. She diverted her focus on her two sons and shunned men and her vices from her life…..not knowing that there is this single guy who loved her despite her waywardness and reputation, waiting for the right time to approach her.

In 2006, after much prayer from both of them, she accepted the guys proposal and by the help of other people, they got married in a Mass Wedding in the Church during her birthday last December. Now, they have a beautiful daughter and the Girl is now actively serving in her Church every Sunday worship.

You may ask me why I know all these details…..

Then, let me tell you why…..for the glory of God…..I am the Lady and the Girl is one of my best friend who remain loyal to me despite of her misgivings and difficulties in life. She is one of those friend who never been envious or want to covet what I have, never took advantage of what I could give her but instead give me more than what she have and love me for who I am.

Our friendship took some twists and turns along the way but when genuine love is there, no matter how chaotic life can be, it will continue to flourish and grow more each day.

She is my answered prayer…..

Praying for her is never been overrated or taboo. I will never go wrong when I pray. Praying is one of the surest line to Heaven when you want someone to change. There is no power interruption nor disconnection and it is a beeline to the heart of our Father who knows the past we shed, the present that we live and the future that we crave.

If you want to see people change or the world change…..try praying. Interceding is a God-given gift that no one can take away from you. When you are in other people’s shoes and you lift it up to the Fathers throne, you grow, you live, you love and most of all, you became selfless because intercession is never been about you but it is about the Son who died on the Cross for us so that others may live.

It is, for me, heaven here on earth. When I pray for others…..My Savior and I are one in our supplication and that, my friend, is heavenly…..

“Pray without ceasing. In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.”

Thessalonians 5:17-18

Jesus love you ❤


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