Reaching my Dream


It’s not easy to dream
The vision is close but far away
What I grasp is deem
Pointing my hope astray

But my heart is beating fast
It surges like a racing car
It says, done deal, at last
In reality? It’s just an avatar

Too many obstacles
Getting there with its twists and turns
Some people say an oracle
You’ll never make it, it will burn

With faith and hope in my heart
I’ll prove them all wrong
This dream will not depart
The fulfillment is near, we belong

My strength will never ebb
No matter what they say
I will, I’ll find and I will live
To see the day of its reality

My Father in Heaven will see to it
His dream He bestowed upon my breast
He will provide for me bit by bit
Time is my friend and not the beast

My head is spinning with anticipation
I knew the perfect time is near
No one can shut God’s portion
His Will will prevail, I never fear

Dreams may not come easy
But if it’s for you, it’ll come true
Just believe! That’s what Jesus says
It’s yours, no matter what you go through

Jesus love you ❀


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