My Prayer to all Christian

Oh, Lord, grant me this heartfelt request
That in your bosom we find our rest
Never to be move by a sudden tempest
Ready to go and fight, to give our best

Lord, as we Christians follow this narrow road
Help us keep the banner in our hearts of gold
Casting emotions that made our hands fold
Always ready to ignore our flesh and the world

Lord, it’s not easy, you know it’s so true
‘Cause you follow this path before, you knew
In obeying the Father, what we have to go through
But your example will shine in what we’ll do

Lord, let every Christian see you face to face
let your Spirit cover us by your love and grace
Help us to surrender our lives and self-will
Ready to receive what your Spirit indwells

Lord, may we have the passion for you alone
As our hearts cry out for the lost and the unknown
May we share your burden for them and grown
To love them more as you loved us, you sworn

Lord, may our love deepens as we go along
Seeking that place in Heaven upon your throne
Awaiting to be with you where we truly belong
Finally, meeting up to take us to our heavenly home


Jesus love you ❤


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