In the Midst of it All

Uncertainties is a constant companion. The longing of my heart seems to expand as I look at the horizon and cannot see what lies ahead. The clouds are hovering beneath the lashes of my eyes, thinking, what’s next? What’s up?

Vividly, I seem to recall the things that were laid out to me in avid kaleidoscope of yesteryears mistakes, triumphs, pains, happiness and other things in between. Regret is a temporary temptation that continues to lure me to face the truth of things that I did in cowardice or false bravado.

I decided to no longer want to ponder on uncertainties that continues to obscure the views of my destiny nor to play along with my regrets and give him the upper hand of my yesterdays.

Today is my time. A valuable asset that will open doors of opportunities to flood my tomorrows and blocking my past from intruding once again, giving me a chance and prodding me to move, to gain, to hope, to dream once more.

In the midst of it all, My God is my eyes, my ears, my voice. He sees, He hears, He speaks and it came to pass. He knows, He ponders, He waits…

For in the midst of it all, without preamble, I, on my part, must simply trust and submit that He is God Almighty…
“And the Word became flesh…”


Jesus love you ❤


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