In Full Bloom

A very good soil I cultivated
Their in the center buried a tiny seed
Watered, sun shined, sprouted
‘Til a bud forms, beautiful indeed.

Somehow, weeds just came along
Trying to choke the bud from it’s form
There the bud knew she doesn’t belong
From the garden, she thought she conform

“I don’t belong here,” she said to the other
Then, looked up and saw Me, her faithful Gardener
“I’ve separated you, that’s your greatest need
Trust Me, to tend and make you stronger.”

She bowed down, her will to believe
That what I said will truly conceive
She let Me tend her, to grow, to live
I cared for her and I never leave.

Storms came and thus, rocked the bud
She called for help to Me, up above
Blinded, forsaken, feeling so sad
“Can You hear me?” She cried, oh, so starve

Just when she decided to give up
Sunshine crept through the clouds
Me, the Gardener walks down the path
Saw a flower, beaten but oh! So proud

Ah! My dearest magnificent rose I see you’ve grown amid your deepest gloom
I Am contented, to see you arose
I tended you well, now in full bloom

That’s what my heart desires you to be
With inner strength that comes from me
Remember, preparing you eternal way
Ready to be picked-up, to be used more by me


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