On Agony and Despair

Hovered above my head
I fear of destruction
Though I knew deep inside
You’re a God of compassion

Those records of wrongs
Creep within like a vine
When will this ancient fall
Uprooted from my mind?

I lost count of times
When nuggets of doubts
Has been tormenting my heart
Though Your Word leap out

I yielded to be stretched
Til it seemed I will break
Then a ray of sunshine
You bestowed just for my sake

So, with my inner turmoil
I took the step of faith
I chose to let them go
Than be bonded by the sting of death

And in the humblest longing
Of my desperate soul
I reached out in prayer
To accept your call

I’m sorry, my dear, Father
I cried out unto heaven
Lift it up, dear Daddy
My heaviest burden

Then Your comfort descended
To erase my deepest pain
Like a summer heat
Cooled by the falling rain

So, I thank thee, Lord
With a grateful heart
What I learned again
From the very start

That triumph of love
Will always prevail
Against the onslaught
Of agony and despair


Jesus love you ❤


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