The Tunnel

Before Gods grace fell upon my life
I go through scenes of my strife
I thought I couldn’t survive
But here I am still alive

My life became a moving train
The journey is simple and plain
It’s ordinary, so, I complain
‘Til the tunnel that brought me pain

It was so dark, I couldn’t see
I was groping, wanting to be free
But darkness tries to consume me
I cried for someone to help me

Then, Someone, grasped my failing hand
So strong, the warmth I couldn’t stand
Whispering into my ears, I understand
I have to listen to His command

“I’ll never leave nor forsake you
I am in control to see you through
You’ll see the light, I’ll tell you so
Be patient, trust Me to direct you.”

Now, in this train, I sit peacefully
Trusting my Driver, I will see
The end of this tunnel, so brightly
I will emerged, strong and holy

And my life will not be ordinary
‘Coz of God’s presence in my journey
Though tunnels may come night or day
My Driver will see me through my way

My journey will never falter
The scenes will change for the better
As He keeps changing my character
I will stand up as a winner
For You alone, my Holy Father


Jesus love you ❤


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